Welcome to Eastbourne Quakers

This is the website of  Eastbourne Quaker Meeting
If you are new to us, hopefully this website will answer some questions you might have.
As Quakers we try to keep things simple

If you would like to experience a Quaker Meeting first hand 
come along this Sunday just before 10.30 so that we can welcome you to the Meeting and should you find it helpful, we can offer a brief explanation of our 'Silent Meeting' for Worship.

Whether you come alone, or with family... whether you’re young or old… 
it may be you simply want to satisfy your curiosity...nothing prevents you being amongst Friends
The Meeting room is furnished simply. Chairs are arranged in an approximate square.
In the centre is a table on which there are Bibles and Quaker texts, which may be referred to during the Meeting for Worship; there will also usually be a vase of flowers.

Just come in and quietly sit wherever you like. 
We sit in silence, that deepens as it progresses.
We seek to open ourselves to the spirit of God.

If someone (anyone) feels lead to minister, they will stand where they are and speak succinctly and briefly.
Ministry is intended for the spiritual nurture of the community and is not the place for discussion, debate or an opportunity to merely express a personal opinion.

At the end of the period of worship, two pre-designated Quakers will shake hands, signifying the close of the meeting.

PLEASE NOTE:   Currently, the Meeting House premises are not available for private hiring of rooms or facilities.


In these times of increasing intolerance and deepening divides 
it's refreshing to know there exists a group of people 
who do not claim to know the truth but only seek to find it...
People who don't dismiss other faiths
but are open to being inspired by them... 
People who will help you develop your own beliefs
rather than adopt theirs.