Khlong Dogs



Throughout each year Quaker Concern for Animals makes financial donations to small animal welfare groups and organisations in this country and overseas. These groups work in a range of fields including neutering programmes for
strays, animal rescue, animal sanctuaries, educational material, investigativework, and the development of non-animal models in medical research.

Many of these organisations are run by small groups of nationals in poor countries with no animal welfare laws: For example Khlongdogs, in Bangkok, is run by Paporn Jäkel with her team of volunteers who work tirelessly to provide
food, shelter and medical aid for strays. In addition, they educate on neutering programmes and animal care.
Our photograph shows two young companions that Khlongdogs was recently able to help through a QCA donation.
They belong to a small, vulnerable community of strays and abandoned children living at a temple:

At their committee meeting in March 2011, QCA was able to make donations to 24 other such causes.