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Welcome to the Spring  2017 Quaker Committee for Christian & Interfaith Relations (QCCIR) e-Newsletter about national Quaker Interfaith and Interchurch work!

Committee News

One of the responsibilities of QCCIR is to keep Friends informed of the various forms of cooperation in inter-church and interfaith relations in Britain.  As well as the formal ecumenical structures, cooperation takes other forms and in the past months there have been several events that Quakers have been involved in. 

The annual ‘Week of Prayer for Christian Unity’ took place from 18th-25th JanuaryFebruary 5th was ‘Visit My Mosque Day’, and 3rd March was Women’s World Day of Prayer.  There are links below to these events, and Friends are encouraged to give feedback on their participation.  This feedback is useful for the organisers in shaping future events.

QCCIR will be organising events at Yearly Meeting Gathering, and we hope to meet as many Friends as possible during the week.

Members of QCCIR are nominated from across Britain Yearly Meeting. Ireland Yearly Meeting also nominates a Friend to QCCIR so that it gets a spread of religious understanding from four nations. Appointments are made by Meeting for Sufferings.

The next QCCIR committee meeting will take place at Dunblane in Scotland over the weekend of 9-11 June 2017.

CIRcular and the QCCIR Cluster mailing list

If you are interested in being added to the CIRcular or QCCIR Cluster mailing list, please contact Marigold Bentley

The latest edition of  CIRcular is also available to download from the BYM website atCIRcular issue 34


Week of Prayer for Christian Unity
The focus of this year’s Week of Prayer for Christian Unity was ‘Crossing Barriers’.  The material-introductions, bible texts, and prayers-were prepared by German Christians. 

2017 is the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Lutheran Reformation, and the theme for the week was ‘reconciliation’. 

If you took part in the Week of Prayer there is a survey on the Churches Together in Britain and Ireland website that will gather useful feedback-
CTBI Week of Prayer survey

Reformation 500-
As noted above 2017 is the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther posting his 95 theses on the door of the castle chapel in the German town of Wittenberg – an event that has become known as the starting point of the Reformation. 

This event continues to shape inter-church relations, and Quakers will be involved in various events this year.  More details about this anniversary are available at
Reformation 500 events

Women’s World Day of Prayer
The theme of 2017’s Women’s World Day of Prayer was ‘Am I being unfair to you?’.  The prayers and Bible texts were chosen by women in the Philippines. 

Quakers are represented on the British committee of the WWDP.  The website gives reports from the various events in Britain on the 3rd March.
Women’s World Day of Prayer

Links to the newsletters of Interchurch bodies

Cytûn-Eglwysi Ynghyd yng Nghymru | Churches Together in Wales
Cytun newsletter

Action of Churches Together in Scotland (ACTS)
For those interested in the history of ACTS involvement in Interfaith relations please see-
'CAIRing for Scotland' ACTS Interfaith relations history
ACTS newsletters

Churches together in England
CTe-News is a free update service posted once a month on the CTE website.
CTe news

Thy Kingdom Come-
Churches Together in England (CTE) are inviting all their member churches to join together in what they hope will be a wave of prayer in the ten days between Ascension (25 May) and Pentecost (4 June). 

QCCIR is bringing this initiative to Friends’ attention-there may be local events in which Friends could participate.Thy Kingdom Come

QCCIR welcomes Friends’ reflections on ‘Thy Kingdom Come’, and would be glad to hear of any plans you may have. You might like to join our e-network of interested Friends. Please contact us through our Secretary, Marigold Bentley, at Friends House.


Interfaith Network
Interfaith Network e-bulletin March/April 2017

Interfaith Week-
Interfaith Week will be held 12-19 November.  An additional Sunday has been added to the event this year-it is hoped this extra day will mean extra weekend events. 
Inter Faith Week 2017

Interfaith Scotland Week
Scottish Interfaith Week

Interfaith Week resources
The Interfaith Network has produced resources that Friends might find useful for Interfaith Week
Inter Faith Week toolkit

Visit My Mosque
Visit My Mosque was an event held across Britain on Sunday 5th February, when over 150 mosques held open days.  Reports and photos are available on the website, and if Friends took the opportunity to visit their local mosque then please leave feedback.
Visit My Mosque

Yearly Meeting Gathering
Please keep an eye on the YM website for events organised by QCCIR at the 2017 Yearly Meeting Gathering at Warwick.

The website links included in this e-newsletter are regularly updated.  Another useful form of communication is social media-updates on Twitter and Facebook can keep Friends up-to-date on interchurch and interfaith news.

Woodbrooke's Study Programme

There are a few upcoming Woodbrooke courses which might interesting for those involved with interfaith and interchurch work. You can find many more courses on the Learningpages on the Woodbrooke website

And finally...

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Marigold Bentley - QCCIR Secretary
May 2017
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